Virginia Family Law: Who Gets Divorced?

By | January 9, 2015
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Can Money Save My Marriage?

We know it can’t buy you love.  The Beatles taught us that.  (It can, though, certainly buy you companionship.  See Dan Belzerian.)  And, of course, you need a bit of money for the basics (e.g. safe shelter, food, medicine, etc.), but after that does having more money make divorce more or less likely?  The highly publicized divorce of Harold Hamm, who is reportedly worth 8 BILLION DOLLARS, seems to suggest money makes little difference.  In 2014, my firm handled divorces for individuals making 5-figure incomes and individuals making 8-figure incomes in Fairfax and Loudoun County and, perhaps surprisingly, the inevitable lists of marital woes in both income camps were strikingly similar.

“If Only I Was More Romantic.”

Grand romantic gestures might buy you some time (and you may feel you owe it to yourself to try), but the separation and impending divorce of best-selling author, Nicholas Sparks, sometimes referred to as the “King of Romantic Story Telling,” seems to suggest that romance isn’t the silver bullet to saving a marriage either.  In Virginia, it only takes the intent of one party to get a divorce.  Last year I heard about some amazingly romantic and generous things people did in an effort to save their marriages.  Many times, however, I heard about them from my clients who were in for a divorce consultation.

“If I Was Smarter, I Wouldn’t Be Getting Divorced.”

That might be true in a general sense, but, again, I represented some highly educated people (e.g. doctors, lawyers, professors, entrepreneur’s) who were all getting divorced.  Even “smart” people occasionally do dumb things.  Below is a graph charting divorce rates against various levels of education.

Divorce and Education

Perhaps It’s Just That Time of Year.

Without question I see a predictable ebb and flow of new divorce clients during the year.  The beginning of the new year and beginning of the summer are probably the busiest times in our office for new client divorce filings.  Surely divorce is more complicated than New Year’s Resolutions and members of the opposite sex in bathing suits?

Divorce Chart

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