Social Networking and Virginia Divorce

By | October 10, 2010
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Scientists at the University of California have recently determined that dating an attractive partner makes you more appealing to possible mates. You would be “secondhand hot.”  These scientists asked volunteers to rate the attractiveness of men and women they viewed in photos. The volunteers then looked at different photos of the same people, this time showing them with companions. Both men and women found individuals more desirable when they were paired with attractive companions. By tracking eye movements, the researchers found that the volunteers, “all spent a significant amount of time looking at the mate’s partner,” evolutionary biologist Jessica Yorzinski tells Although the study aimed to probe the evolutionary factors in mate choice, it suggests dating strategies for singles. “Perhaps if woman doing online dating websites are pictured with attractive boyfriends,” says Yorzinski, “that would help them get more responses to their ads.”

Social networking and Virginia Divorce are increasingly walking hand-in-hand.  Profiles on social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace provide interesting insights into the health of a marriage. More than the poster’s self-identification as “married” or “single,” often posters add date-stamped photographs and/or comments about themselves and their most recent activities. Additionally, posters can be “tagged” in photographs on others’ sites and commented about. The reliability of information gathered on the internet and admissibility of such information in a court-proceeding will depend on a number of factors.

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